Love Special Set - Heart
Love Special Set - Heart
Love Special Set - Heart
Love Special Set - Heart
Love Special Set - Heart
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Love Special Set - Heart

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love spell!

A small "special set" for love in all its facets: self-love, partner love, family love, parental love, friendships...

The high-quality rose quartz opens the heart and makes you receptive to love and contentment. Suitable as a meditation stone or to place on a chakra - or simply as a talisman.

The Love herbal mixture opens up emotions and wraps you in a warm, sensual and aromatic scent of Palo Santo, rose, styrax, cinnamon and more.

A pretty "Love" Milagro from Mexico provides that little extra magic.

Everything for the magic of "Love" and for all those who prefer to smoke a little "on the side". For room smudging - even with only little time.

20 g incense mixture "Love", matches, 50g incense sand and a handmade incense burner made of stainless steel in black with a tealight (H approx. 6.5cm), as well as a high-quality rose quartz (3-4cm) for meditation, putting on chakras and "Love" energy. Additionally, as a talisman, a hand-painted tin heart made of stamped tinplate, made in Oaxaca, Mexico. (approx. 7 x 5 cm)
The hearts sent are slightly different and do not always correspond to the heart in the photo).

I only use high-quality and natural wood, roots, herbs, blossoms and pure resins. I develop and mix my incense mixtures myself in my herbal workshop - including my positive energy ;).