Collection: Milagros

Make a wish and be open to miracles!

Small votive motifs made of stamped tinplate, partly hand-painted from Mexico.
As a lucky charm or just as a decoration for the wall or as a pendant on gifts.

Milagros is the Spanish word for "miracle". Milagros” or miraculous figures are found in many areas of Latin America. These stamped metal figures are used by local people to ask saints for protection and help. In many churches one can see wooden statues of saints such as the Holy Virgin or Christ. People stick small pictures e.g. B. of arms, legs, animals, praying figures and many other symbols of their prayers and hopes to these statues. These figures serve to better answer prayers or express thanks for answered prayers. Horse or lamb figures ask for help in healing sick animals or ask for fertility. Students leave open books asking the saints for divine intervention in their grades. Hearts are left more often as thanks for having loved ones' prayers answered. Each Milagro is made to fulfill a specific wish, resulting in a huge variety of such wonder figures