I must point out that the effects of incense mixtures, rituals and healing stones are not scientifically proven or medically recognized.
Neither is a substitute for medical attention or consultation. I would like to point out that all of our products should only be used for the stated purposes. I warn against any improper use that could lead to health damage.

The descriptions of the herbs, stones and talisman offer no promise of healing. Rather, they describe their effects in the subtle realm.

These are controversial in science and have not been proven. Nevertheless, plants, herbs, resins, etc., as well as so-called healing stones, have been attributed with healing powers or effects since time immemorial.

All of the information I share on my website is based on literature and my own experiences and beliefs. Therefore, any recommended advice regarding the use of our products is not medical advice or diagnosis.

Please note the following when using stones:

  • Do not give near children. Danger of choking!
  • When using a healing stone as healing water, always pour the water through a sieve - the friction could cause the stone to splinter.

I assume no liability for the consequences of improper use of my products.