Love Love Love – be my Valentine

Love Love Love – be my Valentine

Love Love Love – be my Valentine
…not only for today…


Valentine, for me, has never been something to get crazy about…it wasn´t very “hip” in my youth (whereas I`m not so old yet to deprive myself of love….no one ever should!)
But lately it seems to gain importance among “maybe” lovers, longtime lovers, school mate lovers, occasional lovers and secret lovers….

Maybe it`s because of the rough and stormy times we`re in right now or the fact that I`m in love – I now celebrate Valentine day and prepared a very special Magic Valentine Box for all lovers among you!


Very fond of a good scent and believer of the good energy of gemstones, my package includes my handmade incense cones “Love”, a Rose quartz for love and harmony, and a mix of Epsom Salt, dried rose petals and lavender for a warm and sensual soaking bath.

Wishnwonder--by-quatrefleurs-incense-smudge-herbs-love-bath-valentin-special-package-all-box.jpgWishnwonder--by-quatrefleurs-incense-smudge-herbs-love-bath-valentin-special-package-all-gift Kopie.jpgWishnwonder--by-quatrefleurs-incense-smudge-herbs-love-bath-valentin-special-package-all.jpg

When Epsom salt is dissolved in water, it releases magnesium and sulfate ions.
In addition to the fact, that you are improving skin health, function, and appearance, it promotes relaxation and a more chilled state of mind. Together with the scent of dried rose petals and lavender, you will definitely drift away smoothly….


For even more harmonious and loving vibrations, take your Rose quartz in your steamy love bath, or place it on your heart chakra, where its delicate vibrations penetrate your body. He gives love, tenderness and more satisfaction with yourself and with your fellow human beings – especially with your “beloved number one”. During meditation, through the rose quartz, you primarily achieve a healing of the heart from emotional injuries. Through the rose quartz you experience real love and are protected from false love and untrue friends.

Let Love Rule

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